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At Shereji Heart Care Hospital, we have the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Critical Care Units (CCU) that are specially equipped with and designed for the treatment of patients with sudden, life-threatening conditions. The unit is located conveniently where patients receive 1-to-1 care from the nursing staff.

ENT Department

Our doctor is an expert in a wide range of ear, nose and throat (ENT) and head and neck problems. Our doctor is specialist in head and neck surgery, sinus and allergy disorders, sleep-disordered breathing, laryngology and voice disorders, hearing loss and ear disorders, evaluation of dizziness and imbalance, as well as tinnitus (‘ringing in the ear’).

General Department

Equipped with the facilities for ECG, 2D Echocardiography, TMT as well as Exercise ECG, the department is complete with a panel of well-known Physicians and technicians, experts in the field, to aid your cardiac screening and management.

Gynecology department

“The greatest miracle is the miracle of life”. We take pride in our excellent maternity and pediatric services. At shreeji Hospital we strive to make this joyous occasion comfortable and memorable.


At the Ophthalmology Department, we are committed to offering patient-centred and proficient eye care. We employ state-of-the-art technology as well as conduct research into cutting-edge treatment options. We also regularly organise community outreach programmes to educate the public on the importance of proper eye care.

Orthopedics Joint Replacement

Outstanding in his field, our highly-trained specialist offers extensive expertise in such areas as joint replacement, ankle and foot treatment, musculoskeletal tumours, spinal care treatment, trauma and sports-related injuries.

Pathology laboratory

Our laboratory services have been established with the view to providing a wide range of pathology and laboratory monitering necessary for patient care.

Surgical department

The Department is a major provider of acute surgical care and tertiary and quaternary surgical services in Ahmedabad.

Our Team
Dr. Bhavesh Patel
M.D., D.N.B. (Medicine)

M : 98242 93802

By helping patients and those in need, Dr. Bhavesh Patel performs a service that is rewarding and fulfilling. It is more than a job, it is a way of living. He is a visiting consultant at :

  • Apollo Hospital
  • Indus-2 Hospital
  • Sal Hospital
  • Sterling Hospital
  • Life Care Hospital
  • O.N.G.C. Penalist
  • Dr. Hiren Modi (M.S.)
    Laparoscopy and Gastro Surgeon
    M : 9099036939
    Dr. Chirag Patel
    (M.B.D. Orthopedic surgeon)
    Trauma and Joint Replacement Surgeon
    M : 9673130790
    Dr. Ghanshyam Panchal
    (M.S.) Gynecologist
    M : 9099057030
    Dr. B. M. Rawal
    (M.S.) Gynecologist
    Dr. Pankaj Patel
    Health Check up

    Good health is a process which enhances your physical well-being enabling you to engage in Social, Mental, and Spiritual aspects of life. It is a luxury - we guarantee this to all our Clients.Most of us have hidden health problems, which later manifests as full blown diseases. Often, it is too late to remedy. You must believe that "Prevention is better than Cure."A Health Check detects the hidden ailments and gives you timely warning to get specific treatment to arrest these conditions and avoid future complications.

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